The Peach Teat has been embraced by New Zealanders as a Kiwi Icon. Its bright pink signage is seen at rural field days, in all farm supply stores, and even pops up regularly in youtube videos posted by users around the world. 

The sign located near the farm where the Peach Teat originated is a local landmark and is a backdrop to many tourist photos. 

The successful growth of the Peach Teat, from such humble beginnings to its position as the best-selling calf feeding teat in New Zealand and Australia, has struck a chord with New Zealanders and they embrace the brand in a way that is normally reserved for their sports teams.

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There is even a great song written by Polly Johnson, and performed by The Polly Johnson Set, about the sign located near Hunterville, New Zealand. It is guaranteed to become a Kiwi classic. Check it out below...

The video was written and directed by Ness Simons. Thanks also for the people of Hunterville for their participation in this unique event.